Top 10 Jerky Brands You'll Love

Beef Jerky is the ultimate snack. Packed with protein like nothing else jerky has a taste that can't be beat. For the more discerning jerky connoisseur, that isn't satisfied with the sub-par jerky sold on gas station shelves we have complied this list of top jerkies to try.

Duke's Small Batch Smoked Meats

Duke's Small Batch Smoked Meats was founded in 2004 in Colorado. No one can deny how wholesome and delicious this company's jerky is. They focus on making small, hand-crafted batches in the traditional manner. The jerky is made using only natural ingredients with minimal processing. Combine all that with their unique collection of marinades and seasonings and you get some five star jerky. Absurdly tender and strongly flavored from their hardwood smoking process this jerky needs to be tried.

Krave Beef Jerky

Krave produces not only beef, but also pork jerky. They use real, natural ingredients only to create their signature crave-able snacks. They come in such crazy flavors such as - pineapple orange, sweet chipotle and basil citrus. The fun of this brand comes in trying something no other company has ever tried. One of the more popular brands, Krave can be found on supermarket shelves across america.

Slantshack Beef Jerky

This unique company offers the choice between USDA prime beef or grass-fed beef. Made in Vermont this jerky is crafted fresh right when you order. The wait for this jerky is a bit long than your average, 2 to 3 weeks, but anyone who has tried will surely agree it's well worth the wait. It's thick cut and intense flavor fits perfectly with the companies unique style.

Kings County Beef Jerky Co.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Kings County Beef Jerky Co. is a favorite of the locals. They start out with premium grass-fed beef, they hand-cut perfect slices. It's seasoned with a special mixture of toasted and home-ground spices, all-natural of course. The artisinal crafted jerky this company produces is really something special.

House of Jerky

This brand earned it's place on the list because, since their opening in 1993, they've sold their learn top rounds whole, not chopped up or processed into strips. These traditional, thick slabs contain no preservatives or MSG. Perfect for the health-conscious jerky lover. They also have a plethora of fun flavors to choose from, all the way from teriyaki to sweet and spicy. They have something for everyone.

Field Trip Beef Jerky

Field Trip Beef Jerky is certainly one of the top jerkies out there simply because they keep it simple. Their jerky has no preservatives, MSG or nitrates. It's wholesome, natural and tastes amazing. It's hard to pick between their original, honey spice and teriyaki flavors.

Blue Ox Jerky Co.

Beef, buffalo, elk, turkey and venison are all sold by Blue Ox Jerky Co. All their meats come generously cut in size and with just the right amount of kick. Their jerkies have complex flavors with sweet, smokey and semi-spicy tones. When you pick up a piece you will see there are little bits or garlic and onion coating the outside. If this brand had to be described in one word, delectable would have to be it.

Snackmasters Beef Jerky

This company has earned many awards in their 31 years crafting gourmet jerky products. They are range grown certified and with no artificial colors, preservatives and flavor enhancers they certainly live up to their slogan "as natural as the great outdoors."

Alien Fresh Jerky

In 2000 Luis Ramallo, his wife Susana Ramallo, and his eldest son Martin Ramallo established the Alien Fresh Jerky Store. Originally located in Crystal Springs, Nevada it moved to Baker, California in 2002 where it remains to this day. The company boasts large slices and complex flavors. An alien dressed up as a cowboy, on a horse is their logo and their slogan is "The Best Jerky in the Universe."

Black Tiger Jerky

Black Tiger Jerky's goal is to make premium jerky products. Their gourmet style is what earned them a spot on this top jerkies list. They marinate only the best cuts of whole, sliced meats in their special marinades. They offer the more traditional beef jerky and various flavors such as Jungle Spice or Whisky, however they also offer exotic meats such as venison, ahi tuna, and buffalo jerkies.

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